Below are a few reviews from those who have taken one of my Courses or Taster Days.
2018 will be the sixth year I have held courses and so far over 250 people have attended and enjoyed either a Full course or Taster Day.

Rather belatedly, I would like to thank you for a really fascinating and inspiring course 2 weekends ago. As you know I have wanted to keep bees for over 30 years, and your course gave me the courage and enough basic knowledge to start for real.

On the Sunday after the end of the course, I order a stack of stuff, hive, new bee suit, new smoker, etc from Thornes, which arrived during the week. I built the hive in the latter part of the week and also constructed a stand for 2 hives, from recycled wood. In the meantime, I sourced a nuc, and collected it it on Sunday evening, doing as instructed and placing it where the hive was to sit. On Tuesday, I transferred the nuc to the hive successfully and have been feeding them with a rapid feeder, though I know they have been out in my garden as well. I will leave them alone this weekend, apart from checking the feed, but then I am looking forward to the first proper inspection in a week’s time. It has been very exciting – and it is great to do something new and different.

It was very odd, but whilst at your hives, I found that examining the frames with all the bees flying around, a really calming experience. It was very like the feeling of flying a hawk, which I love.

Thank you once again for a really great course. I hope you continue to do them for the benefit of people like me in the future. As I have told the others on the course by email, your book has proved invaluable, and I really think you should take the plunge and have it reprinted.

Best wishes

Tony – Cambridgeshire

Back in 2013 I attended one of David’s beekeeping taster courses. It was a work thing, my job is to research develop and promote wild flower mats and I wanted to know more about the wildlife that depend on our native flora. After 1 day with David I was hooked and came back in 2014 for the full 3 day course with my son.
Both courses were excellent; informative, entertaining and inspirational. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone in our small group of students felt happy to ask questions and share experiences. Because the courses were hands-on, I gained a lot of confidence in handling the bees and looking for the signs of a healthy colony.
I can’t fault the food either, home made from local ingredients….just the way I like it!
I now have one happy hive of bees and am planning to expand my apiary next year. David’s support has been invaluable and I know that he will be happy to share advice in the future.

Angela L – Norfolk

Having attended David’s 3-day foundation course with my husband, I can say that we entered as complete novices and emerged with sufficient confidence to go ahead with our desire to keep bees. The course was well paced and David was patient with our “trivial” questions. We learnt everything we needed to and have actually remembered most of it. What info we were unsure of, we quickly referred to his excellent book, which was our “graduation” present, together with the hive be proudly constructed. My husband attended somewhat reluctantly but came away totally enthralled and more keen than I, if that were possible. We were able to relax, learn, absorb and experience. We can highly recommend David’s course for the complete novice.

Roz H – Suffolk

In April 2014 I completed a 2 day Beekeeping Course for Beginners with West Norfolk Beekeeper David Wootton. I had already received my first colony of honey bees at the end of 2013 but had simply left them to their own devices. I had all my own kit but David had a very substantial array of Bee suits and tools for all of the pupils to use so it would have not been a problem.
From the onset, David was very relaxed and welcoming which was very re-assuring. He was always encouraging but incredibly informative so that by the end of the first day we had really understood the rythmns of the Hive with very clear mock up pictures in his virtual beehive. My fellow pupils were all enthusiastic and dying to learn as much as possible so that the chats we had over a delicious lunch were also fascinating as to why people had decided to keep bees and how each individual was going to site their hive etc. Doing our hive inspections the bees were very relaxed and it added another level of excitement to see the bees going about their business and building up the colony at the start of the season. David was very caring towards his bees and imparted many personal suggestions and tips of how to do things. By the end of our second day everyone seemed delighted with the information that they had learned and with smiling faces we waved goodbye.
So Thank you David for teaching me how to look after my bees, I am so enjoying my Beekeeping!

Katie H – Norfolk

My boyfriend and I came on one of David’s Taster days. I was very nervous at first, but realized very soon that the bees just go about their own business as we inspected the hives. I learnt so much about bees, which I hadn’t realized before. This was a really great day out.

Paula J – London

I had wanted to keep bees for ages, but work commitments would not allow it. Now retired and living in Nottinghamshire I could now pursue this ambition. I booked a 3 day course which also included a hive kit. What I really liked about the course, was that it is ‘hands-on”. We didn’t just watch David, he gave each of us hives to handle. This gave me so much more confidence handling the frames of bees than just watching and listening. Building the hive kit also helped in fully understanding how a hive works. I now have 3 colonies of bees and thoroughly enjoy tending them. One other aspect which is also great, is that if uncertain about something I can pick up the phone to David and he will talk me through it.

Howard T – Nottinghamshire

What a fantastic 2 days – Great course, superb lunches, David cooks a mean English Breakfast – Loved the local pub in the evening. Now looking forward to getting my first bees.

Jack P – Kent

I thoroughly enjoyed the Taster day I came on in the summer. Can’t wait to take a full course next year, so I can have my own bees in the garden. I can highly recommend West Norfolk Bees, the Bee’s Knee’s !!

Vicky J – Cambridgeshire

I was given David’s book as a Christmas present. His book increased my enthusiasm to keep bees and I was so pleased to find that he also held beginner classes. I attended a 2 day course in May. The first morning we went through equipment, how bees live and I was really impressed with the virtual hive that David had made up. After lunch, we visited some hives, David showing us what is required when doing an inspection. After the first hive we all had a go opening up hives in pairs. It is great that he only has a maximum 6 people per course. The second day, we covered a full 12 months of beekeeping using the virtual hive. Going through a 12 month period put everything in order and I could then see that I would be capable of doing this. In the afternoon we each had our own hives and David set us all different tasks to do whilst doing our inspection. The course is relaxing, no rushing about and I guess this is why David’s bees are so calm. I have just got my first nucleus of bees and can now look forward to getting my first honey by the end of summer.

Steven G – Peterborough